Why CSMs Need To Be Capable Project Managers

customer success project management

Customers are conditioned to see their Customer Success Manager (CSM) as the central point of contact with their vendor. As such, CSMs are the natural first stop for any project a customer wants to discuss.

  • Interested in switching over to annual billing? → Email your CSM.
  • Want to brainstorm a new use case? → Bring it up during your weekly call.
  • Need a custom-built integration? … You get the idea.

Since CSMs tend to work on a variety of projects it’s nearly impossible (if not impractical) for them to individually complete each one. As a result, CSMs regularly interface with a variety of internal and external teams. So, how can CSMs oversee such a wide array of initiatives, including ones they’re not individually responsible for executing?

The answer: CSMs need to be capable project managers.

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