Customer Success consulting

Customer Success expert currently at Roku, formerly at Intercom and Thunder, I also advise clients on Customer Success projects. Past projects have included:

Building a Customer Success team
• Hiring Manager of Customer Success and CSMs
• Developing a 90 day onboarding plan
• Coaching, training, and mentoring entire team

Scaling a Customer Success team
• Determining which metrics matter and how to report on them
• Establishing workflows, processes, and playbooks
• Implementing Customer Success products for automated messaging, tracking customer health, etc.

Reducing customer churn and increasing recurring revenue
• Creating processes that deliver upsells and renewals
• Analyzing customer cohorts
• Aligning Sales, Support, Growth, and Customer Success teams

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Want to learn more about Customer Success topics critical to your business? Check out my blog. My work has also been published by OpenView LabsIntercomNateroAmityCalendly, UpworkKayako, and ChurnZero.