Why your Customer Success team needs a launch process

Customer Success launch

Ready, set, launch!

The moment has arrived, Sales has closed yet another deal and the Custom Success team has a new customer. Following the handoff from Sales it’s easy to question- where to begin? There is a lot to cover, and the potential success of this account over the next 3 months, possibly even the next year, could be tied to how well this launch is executed. The pressure is on, so it’s best to have a plan of attack formulated well ahead of time by establishing a Customer Success launch process.

Benefits to Customer Success Managers:

An onboarding process educates customers on what your collective next steps are. This creates accountability on the customer’s expected involvement in the implementation process and decreases the likelihood that you’ll be waiting on the customer to launch on time. This process also allows you to share best practices and recommendations at every step , which makes you look like you’ve done this 100s of times (i.e. they should trust you, you’re an expert). Finally, you will be able to better manage your many accounts by quickly knowing where you are with each new launch and what the next steps are.

Benefits to other teams:

A clear onboarding flow ensures that Customer Success Managers are launching accounts consistently. Management can also establish accountability and lay the framework to scale the Customer Success team as the company grows. Finally, I’ve seen a few smart sales people leverage this launch plan during the sales process because: 1) illustrates the level of hands on attention the Customer Success team can be expected to provide and 2) allows the decision maker to start planning who they should assign this project to internally.


This article discusses how to “de-risking” the first 90 days after bringing on a new customer and is worth a read. Does your company have a Customer Success launch process in place?