Customer Success Trends by the Numbers

Customer Success continues to grow

83% of Customer Success teams saw growth in team size within the past year according to survey results released by Totango. Meanwhile, an analysis of LinkedIn data found nearly 20,000 open jobs for Customer Success Managers- representing a 31% open job/existing job ratio.

The median salary of someone working in Customer Success is $82,300 per year.

Customer Success reduces churn

Companies with a dedicated Customer Success team see a decrease in aggregate gross churn between 15% and 27% and at least a 10% boost in net dollar retention.

These same companies see a much higher return on investment from their Customer Success team when it comes expansion revenue, boosting it by 50% to 125%.


Data shows most CSMs manage between $2–5M in ARR and 10–500 enterprise and mid-market accounts. Mid-market CSMs can manage 50–500 accounts, with a spike at 50–100 accounts and another at 250–500 accounts.

Summary of Customer Success Trends